Starblogger FAQ

3 months ago

Throughout the years, I've noticed several misconceptions surrounding starbloggers and the role we play here on Stardoll. I've compiled a list of questions here, to answer them for your convenience. 

1) Are Starbloggers paid?

    - NO! There is no reward to blogging, other than the joyous comments that are left for our writing. Our writing is our form of self expression, we decide when and what we write. 

2) Are Starbloggers "staff"

    - NO! Our only benefit from being a Starblogger is having the option of submitting blogs for consideration to Isobel for approval. We're normal members who happen to have the capability of blogging to a larger community.

3) Can starbloggers publish whatever they want?

    - We can write whatever we want and submit it for consideration, but we can't directly post to the Starblog. Sometimes it takes weeks or even months for blogs to be posted, it just depends on the schedule Isobel has planned.

4) Are there any other privalleges to blogging?

    - The only other advantage I can think of is the starblogging club, all members are admitted only after they become bloggers, and it gives us the ability to easier contact Isobel and other starbloggers

5) Are Starbloggers immune to consequences? Do they have rules?

    - NO, we have the potential to be dismissed, and several Starbloggers have been dismissed in recent months. We are meant to follow the same One-Stop-Rules and Terms of Conditions as every other member, and we have our own set of rules specifically for Starbloggers. One of the main rules is to be cordial with other bloggers. If we don't follow the rules put in place, we could be dismissed or have our accounts deleted, just like any other person.

6) Do Starbloggers read or control the comments section?

    - It's our choice whether we read or respond to comments, and although we can delete comments, it can be glitchy at times and doesn't always function the way we want. Think of it like a guestbook that only the writer can control.

7) How does someone become a Starblogger?

    - We apply for the position in the "Contact Us"  Section, after collecting pages and pages and pages of blogs that show our ability to produce good content for the site. After Isobel looks through our work, she either approves us to blog or denies us and asks us to apply again later. Once we are approved to be Starbloggers, our blog page changes to look more like a presentation, and we have the option to select blogs for submission 


I hope this answered some of your questions, and if you have any others, please leave them in the comments and I or other Starbloggers get them as we see them!