Sister trouble

3 months ago


My yorkie mix died recently and left a sister that I had rescued with her. Roxy was a year younger and Daisy always took care of her. Now Roxy misses her. She gravitates to the places where Daisy slept or liked to sit and watch the world. The wing chair was Daisy’s favorite place to be. She was always the first to alert when someone approached the house. Roxy would cuddle up right next to her. Before she got sick Daisy would let Roxy finish her meals and drop her own treats to let Roxy have them.

Roxy gave me a scare about a week ago. Usually the dogs leave each other alone during meals, so we don’t make a big deal about separating them. Hubby fed the dogs dinner and went outside to his studio. Suddenly I heard fighting and found Roxy on top of Joe in the hall where he eats his supper. Blood seemed to be everywhere! I grabbed Roxy and lifted her off of Joe. Her tongue hanging out of her mouth dripping blood. She looked like a tiny 8 pound white dragon! I grabbed a cloth to blot the blood off her face. We have Echoes in the living room and the garage studio. I asked Alexa to announce everywhere for hubby to come quickly. He found Joe calmly finishing dinner at the scene of the crime. Joe was spattered with blood but didn’t have a wound on him. 

After cleaning up, Roxy was fine. She is a scruffy mix and Joe is a chihuahua but they weigh about the same. She may have expected Joe to give her his food the way Daisy would, but Joe likes his dinner too much to share. I am now keeping a door between them at mealtimes. Daisy is missed.