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The StarBlog Diaries is back! Tune in to get to know fellow
Stardoll member msdavies2005, a self-proclaimed Stardoll oldie since 2006.

Everyone has a story, and this international community is fortunate to have so many vibrant personalities. This series features dolls who want to share their story and culture.

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Tell us about yourself.My Name is Connie, I am 43 years old. I live in Qc, Canada. I have been a member of Stardoll for over 14 years. I am Bilingual, I speak English and French. I am a mother to a beautiful 15 year old daughter. I work a full time job in real estate advertisement. I love family history and am an avid genealogist. I’m usually described as the jokester, and have been told I'm not serious enough. 

Share your Stardoll story!

I feel proud to be an original 2006 doll. I’ve watched Stardoll evolve into the site it is today. I am not a collector or designer. I truly envy dolls with a designing talent. It is amazing just how life like some dolls look. 
I consider myself a good suite designer, I like realistic scenes of everyday life.
Over the years, I have met some really fantastic people from all over the world. 

How did you come up with your username?

I admit, my username is pretty boring. Before SD, my go-to site was PICZO, and my username there was msdavies2005, it was a friend from PICZO who sent me the invitation to Stardoll. Which, all in all is ironic, because Stardoll later bought PICZO.

If you could change anything about the game what would it be?

I would give the StarBazaar an update! ‘My Bazaar’ needs a search bar and category search. I dislike selling items for this very reason - I can never find anything without a 45 minute search through 500 pages of items. 


What keeps you coming back?

The updates are what keeps me coming back… Although, It's been a while since we had any major changes.

My favorite part of Stardoll is decorating my suite, and visiting other dolls to see their creative ideas. My favorite Stardoll season is upon us - I'll be taking the Christmas decor out.



Visit msdavies2005 to read more about her Stardoll memories and get your dose of SD nostalgia on her presentation and suites!!! Connie has amassed an impressive collection of items over the years, and as a decor fiend myself, I adore her suites! (FYI, her collection is sacred, please don't try to hound her to sell you her amazing items, that is not ok, be respectful!) 

What is your favorite thing to do on Stardoll? Share your thoughts in the comment section, we can't wait to read your responses. Let's make it a friendly chat enviroment.

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