New Year Planners!

6 months ago

Salutations Dollies -- I hope you’re all doing well!

We’re coming to an end of a year that was an unexpected journey with a pandemic, catastrophes, and quarantine days. All our plans and dreams kind of failed because of the pandemic. Regardless, I believe that life is a long trail of hope for dozens of tomorrows, todays, and years!! Planning a new year is building all my hopes since a plan is a plan and even a bad plan is better than a future unplanned!

I am counting the days for the new year 2021 planners that are announced by the publishers, and I can’t believe how sad I can be without being able to see a plan of a year! One of my planners will be my diary for this year; I am turning 19 but still I never had a closer friend than my ‘dear diary’... :D 

Anyway, planners are a hope for tomorrows, next weeks and months and even if I just doodle in them, it is still a memory that will never return: they show me the value of the day reminding me to live in the moment and never in the past!

Some of the planners for this year have recently been released in the bookstores and they are very beautiful and full of hope!

Do you every get a yearly planner? Which planner will you get for this incoming year?
Let’s chat in the comments! :)

Wishing you all the best,
happy new year!