The planet is our responsibility

6 months ago

Salut mes amis,


Many of us are laready experiencing the second lockdown due to the new rapid increase of covid-19 cases. Restriction to being at home again is not an easy thing, but because I try to see the whole situation in a positive perspective, in addition to limiting the coronavirus contagion, we can think a few problems our planet facing and take personal action. 

Environmental protection is not just a government issue or emonstrations by conscientious protesters pointing out industrial waste and problems and endorsing climate protection systems. An equally important amount of action can be taken individually, especially with everyone at home during a pandemic, and this is a good opportunity to be aware of and raise awarness about climate change and environmental pollution. 

But first to answer some questions, why is there a need to take personal action and strike? In order to find out the answer, it is important to see our planet and understand that there is no other choice or more time, but to take action and bring awarness. The sooner, the better. Global warming is a serious issue with lethal consequences, causing heat waves, floods, droughts, a rise of sea levels, ice caps melting, and more. In other words, we are creating conditions unsustainable for our species and poisonous for our wildlife, animals, and plants, with effects on all people without exceptions. We see vast areas of forests burning and hundreds of species disappearing, and the argument of many is that nature is perfect enough on its own to heal this wound caused by humans.

 If we do not stop our destructive actions and adopt new friendly to our planet, then nothing will be healed on its own. My next StarBlog post will include examples of personal action and initiative for climate protection we can take from our homes. 

Watch out for yourselves! 💚

picture by babyfacejoo's suite