I Wanna Throw Up Just Thinking About...

7 months ago

About two days ago, I was going about my daily activities when a horrifying flashback ruined my entire day. 


Disney. Channel. Fashion.


Disney Channel used to be (and to some extent, still is) the main trendsetter in pre-teen fashion. From Hannah Montana's sequined tops and sparkly scarves to Chyna Park's (A.N.T. Farm) elaborate boots and patterned pants, the outfits were definitely out there.

But there was one show where the wardrobe department decided that any and every piece of fashion could go together.


Shake It Up.


The stylists for this show took the concept of 'Layers' to a whole new level. Almost every episode, Zendaya and Bella wore not one, not two, but three or more shirts PLUS a jacket, PLUS a skirt layered over pants, PLUS about two pairs of socks covered by heavy boots, with the occassional hat.

I remember being twelve years old and going between hating and loving their fashion. Ultimately, I wanted to be them...but I'll chalk that up to my simple obssession with the Disney Channel.

Anyway, after I experienced all those terrifying flashbacks, I decided to take a trip down memory lane and google some throwback Shake It Up fashion. I then recreated the basic essence of the styles on my doll, and... well... this happened...

This 1st one is Rocky Blue inspired. The skirt over patterned pants/leggings with combat boots was her signature.

This 2nd one is CeCe Jones inspired. The leggings, boots, and patterend jacket are a must in her outfits.

And the 3rd one is just a general Shake It Up-inspired piece, (although the scarf was a Hannah Montana signature). 


In conclusion, as a 21 year old, these outfits make me want to throw up. BUT, I get it. I totally get why they were appealing and I totally understand why thousands of pre-teens wanted to look like these girls. They were the Disney Channel icons of their time, so of couse anything they wore was trendy, and to be honest, they pulled it off quite naturally.

What are your thoughts on these outfits?