No regrets.

7 months ago

 *This is a message mostly addressed to teenage people* 


I don't know you and you probably don't know anything about me.

But let me give you one piece of advice.

You're a teenager. This isn't gonna be forever. 

You might think that this is the worst time in your life (being a teenager), but do you want to regret for something you didn't do? Do you want to be thirty years old, thinking about the your teenage years and think, Why? Why didn't do that?!?

I don't think so. My advice is to take risks. As long as you're in that age you probably can't get that hurt by taking chances. Trust me. When you'll be an adult, you will probably understand the difference. 

So, go ahead. Go outside (being careful these days though). Stay out late with friends. Wear whatever you feel comfortable at without without paying attention to others' opinions. Expose your feelings no matter if they're positive either negative. Tell that girl or that boy that you like them. And if they don't like you back? Yeah, it hurts. But, keeping your feelings inside you, hurts much more. 

In the end of the day, you'd feel better because you tried. Make sure your thirty years old self will feel happy and proud of your teenage years.

Thank you for reading. Good luck everyone with the MSW contest!



Dim, xoxo