12 months ago

Long time no see. When I was a lot younger, I used to write frequently here. Life went on though and I left the StarBlog behind, but here I am because I have this kind of platform; I'm much older now than when I used to do my silly StarBlogs and I want to have a casual sit down with you now. 
My name is Christina. I'm 22 from Greece, I'm a part of  the LGBTQI+ community. In June, as you are probably aware, it's the month that we celebrate Pride, it's the month that we get to celebrate who we are, without shame, to express our love and to fight for our rights. Pride, started with the Stonewall riots on June 28, 1969  when police raided the Stonewall Inn and exersiced violence  against the LGBTQI+ folk who were there. Marsha P. Johnson was credited as being the one who threw the first brick of Stonewall.
Why does this matter? What does BLM has to do with the Pride month? Marsha, a black person, was an activist who fought for our rights. The Stonewall Uprising was a riot started by an activist who was also a part of the black community...a community which has suffered for centuries from racism and police brutality. It was a riot...just like that ones that are sometimes currently happening in America.

To me, love knows no gender. To me, love is a feeling that I can experience with someone regardless of their gender. To me, right after I develop romantic feelings for someone usually, it's chemistry between two people and their gender is not something that matters to me. I don't really believe in my gender either...I feel like nothing really repsesents me truly anymore and, sticking to this label that was given to me is not enough. I usually never share my personal life on the internet let alone on Stardoll, so why do I do this now? Because my ability to share this with you was not gained by me, it was handed to me, it was given to me from members of the the black community and other people of color, when Stonewall happened. They were the ones who rioted for us, they are the ones who fought for our rights. The revolution...our rights came thanks to black people.
 Riots gave us voice. We owe it to the black community. Even if I wasn't like this, I would support the movement, but I feel extra obligated to do so. The first to rise up was a black LGBTQI+ person. It was against police brutality. They fought for that, for their rights and now we have them. Fighting for your rights works, even if it takes a riot. The death of George Floyd caused a riot to insist on freedom for the same community that helped us back then.
I'm aware that this is a messy article...I'm aware that by no means a good StarBlogger, but as a member of the community and as a supporter of BLM, even though my English is not great and even though this article may have mistakes, I will try to take my shot and try to talk about it, and if you are able to get something out of this article, I will be really happy. To the Black communities around the world. Istand with you, stay strong, stay safe, and thank you for fighting for us too. I'm really sad that after all these years, it must come to this. I'm really sad that after so much time, some people still believe your lives do not matter, but we, the LGBTQI+ community will stand with you, we support you and we love you, and will always will...even after this ends.