Stardoll Blackout (June 5)

15 months ago

The world is broken. 

As a young woman in 2020, I never thought I would see such extreme cases of hate and racial tension. These are stories that our grandparents and even our parents would tell us about, and it hurts to know that so many people are carrying these hurtful ideologies into this new era. We, as the new generation, need to continue to fight against the spread of racism, xenophobia, and homophobia. 

Look at the world! Look at what is happening in the US! Is this what we have come to? After hundreds of years of oppression on black people, is this it? Hate and Discrimination have NO place in the world today. We will not tolerate it.

I propose that on Friday June 5, Stardoll has a Blackout to stand in solidarity with George Floyd and every other person who has died due to racism and systematic oppression. I am asking that every doll wear black to show their support. 

Below are some options for each doll type.

Fudge (Boys) Basic T-shirt - 45 SC (look in Catalog to find)
Basics Bow Dress Black - 145 SC