Hawaii: Gastronomy

1 months ago

Hawaii has gone through alterations troughout its history. Many nations passed through the islands and left, others have stayed. Today, Hawaii's inhabitants count many Asians and Europeans in their population and that certainly influenced the cuisine. But let's talk about a special ocasion: the Luau.

A Luau is a traditional Hawaiian party featured traditional food, decorations, and hula.

In a Luau, the most famous dish is the kalua pig,  which is a whole pig roasted in an underground oven. It can be accompanied by side dishes such as poke, which consists of diced raw fish or octopus with onions and soy sauce, although there can be variations with seafood in it. Then there's lomi, which is a raw salmon and tomato salad seasoned with onions and occasionally chilli pepper. Then, the one I am dying to try, although I'm certain it will feel odd, the poi. This dish dates back to the first Hawaiians that settled in the Hawaiian islands, and consists of the taro plant's (Colocasia Esculenta) bulb, which is steamed and then mashed with a seaworn rock and then water is added gradually and they get a sort of grey paste. In Hawaii, when asking for poi, you can order 3 options: "one finger", "two finger," and "three finger" which lets the person who's cooking it know how thick you want the paste to be, because you eat it with your fingers.

Other foods such as chicken, squid and rice might be served. Rice came to Hawaii from Japanese settlers. And so are the masaladas, a donut-type sweet, which is typical to the Portuguese island of Madeira, which was brought with the immigrants in the 19th century. And of course, lots of diced fruits, salad fruits and coconut cake! I want to try that one so bad! Finally, the drinks, which, like much of Hawaiin food, is based on what nature gives them: fruit juice. And some alcohol drinks like the Mai Tai, based on fruit juice and made popular by Elvis Presley when he was there in the '60s filming the movie Blue Hawaii.

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