STAR Suite Designers: Architecture.

1 month ago

All over Stardoll, there are amazing suites- each being so unique. I stumbled upon a few suites that I just couldn't get over, so I figured since I have this platform, why not use it to feature some amazing suite designers?



My first feature is the very creative and talented Architecture. I interviewed her, and also wanted to include some pictures from her suite down below. Keep in mind though, pictures do this suite no justice. To see the real deal, stop on over to her suite to see everything she has to offer! 


Our Interview: 

Q: How do you find inspiration for your rooms?

A: "Usually I find pictures online, looking for ''minimal interior'' or ''architecture'' and [I] search [for about] an hour. When I see a photo, I try to think how to make the slightest detail on it. It isn't always easy, but I think I do my best."

Q: The rooms in your suite are so detailed! How long does each room take you to complete?

A: "The quickest I [ever finished] was in 3 hours, but it always depends on how difficult it is. Sometimes I will make something and then not like it, so I'll have to start over again!"

Q: There seems to be so much that goes into each room. On average, how much money do you usually spend while decorating each room?

A: "I cannot answer with absolute certainty, because it depends on the room and what it contains. Suites with gardens, flowers and plants are always more expensive. I have spent 600 SDs in a simply-decorated room, and I have reached almost double that for garden rooms."

Q: Where did you learn how to be so creative with your decorations?

A: "It all started from my father. He worked as an architect and I did my studies in this too, I specialized in exterior decorating. I have worked with him for some years!"

Q: Is your suite completely done, or are you still working to improve some rooms?
A: "I'm still searching for inspiration for some of my empty rooms. I hope to decorate them soon."

Q: Any advice for those who want to create amazing suites like yours?
A: "Have patience. Good work needs detail, many small objects, shadows and above all, to seem natural. Intensive suites are never easy, so start with an easy home (thanks to DIY, it's really easy construction), a small garden, some flowers and a beautiful sky. And of course, don't forget to be creative. We all have talent, with good mood and a little inspiration, we can get a great result!"

So, who should I feature next?