Styling Subcouture #2

1 months ago

As I was such a fan of the latest Subcouture collection, I could not resist styling more outfits! 

With my first outfit, I went for a sporty vibe, styling the Gia long sleeve with some matching cycle shorts, and the statement oversized puffer jacket. Keeping the outfit monochrome, I added some white sneakers and black socks, a belt and fanny pack worn across the body. You could swap the shorts for a pair of white wide-leg pants. With my next outfit, I chose to style the vinyl pants. I wanted to keep the outfit simple, keeping the focus on the pants. I went with a sporty tank top, chunky chain choker, hiking boots and a mini handbag.

For my next outfits, I had to style some more neon green pieces! With the first outfit, I chose this neon puffer jacket, which is a perfect match with the leather pants. I styled the jacket and pants with a cropped black turtleneck, vinyl backpack and heeled boots. With the next outfit, I went for a subtle way to wear neons, choosing pants with a neon stripe, sunglasses and a bag with green fur. To complete the outfit, I went for a cropped t-shirt and sneakers. You could add the neon puffer jacket to this look. 

For my final outfits, I went back to the monochrome theme! With the first outfit, I restyled the Gia long sleeve, this time pairing it with a fishing vest, low-rise pants, heeled boots and a grid-print clutch. Finally, I went for an all-white outfit. I styled the mesh bodysuit and boots with some flowy pants, a pair of clear sunglasses and a matching bag. You could add the white fur coat to this outfit. 

Thank you for reading!