Surrounded by Idiots (part 3/5)

2 months ago


Today I will be continuing my series with another personality type which is red! Around every tenth person has a red personality type, so it's the rarest one but I can assure you that we all know at least one person with a red personality type. If you think you don't, there's a person in your inner circle who can hide the redness in their personality really well. My personality type is red/blue and I have to admit that I like to bring out the blue side more.  


People, who have a red personality type are natural leaders. They're very competitive and ambitious at everything they do. It doesn't matter what the competition is about--they just want to beat everyone in everything. To these people, making decisions is super-easy because they always know what they want. Of course the red personality type has its downsides just like any other personality type. People with a red personality can be judgemental and only care about their own opinions and views. Because the people with this personality type are so honest, they'll tell you exactly how things are. I'm not sure if this is necessarily a bad thing, but when the truth comes from a person's mouth who has a red personality, it can hurt sometimes.


You probably get now why I try not to show the red side of my personality. However, there are times when I'm interacting with another red person and that's when I'm letting my whole personality to show. For example, when I'm hanging out with my cousin(whose personality is like, 100% red),  I clearly state my opinions and try to make as many compromises as possible. If I didn't do that, she would just walk all over me and not respect my opinions which are actually as valuable as hers.    


My advice for a person with a red personality is that it's totally fine to express your own strong opinions as long as you listen to others' opinions too. Also, life gets so much easier when you stop seeing everything as a competition. I feel like people who have a red personality have a lot of influence on other people because they are great leaders. So if you're influencing other people, use the power you have wisely. 



Do you have a red personality?

- Candy-8-