Surrounded by Idiots (2/5)

3 months ago


In my previous post I told you about my new series and now we’re actually getting started. I figured I should start with my own personality type: blue! Around every fifth person has a blue personality so it’s not the most common or the rarest one.

If you’re blue, you are an analytical thinker who doesn’t do small talk. You always want to get the facts straight and that’s why you do your research before speaking up. Following the rules is important to you and also having certain routines. When you’re in a group, (which won’t happen often if it’s up to you because you try to avoid interacting) you’re most likely the expert or the researcher. Relationships aren’t your first priority in life. To others, you may come across as too serious or as someone who has to have everything too perfectly.

Me being the unsocial blue one (and also Finnish which makes it even worse), I never speak, so conversations between me and another blue person may get a bit awkward. If I even started talking to a person with a blue personality in the first place, the whole conversation would probably just consist of us muttering some fun facts at each other. But when I’m talking with someone whose personality isn’t entirely blue, the conversation isn’t as awkward. I think this makes sense with other personality types as well because you usually get along well with people who have some similarities but also differences compared to you.

My advice to a person with a blue personality would be that remember to relax sometimes. People tend to say me ”Lyydia, just chill a bit” because apparently it’s okay not to be always on time or not to be perfect. For instance, not achieving the very best in everything seems like a failure to a person with a blue personality but to others it’s just typical humanity.

Do you have a blue personality?

- Candy-8-