MSW and One-Stop Rules Update

2 months ago

The One-stop rules were updated last Friday. If you have not read them, make sure you go to the help section and read them.

Many of the rules have been clarified with stronger and more precise language. For example now the rules say that accounts cannot be shared. This has always been true, but now it has been specified directly.
The rules have been divided into 4 categories: behavior, safety, cheats and playing fair during MSW. 

One of the new rules concerning fair play discusses the use of voting clubs during MSW.  Stardoll is restricting how a person may and may not lobby for votes during MSW. Dolls who break the Fair Play rules will be disqualified from MSW. Not knowing the rules will not stand up as an excuse.

Please pass this information on to your friends. Especially if they are interested in running for MSW, they will need to understand the rules.
It is nice to know that Stardoll is concerned about giving everyone an equal chance.

Best wishes and hugs. Play fair and safe.