Back To School: Tips

3 months ago

It's that time of year again... A new school year starts.

First of all, hey dolls! It has been a hot minute, and from exams, to summer travelling, I have had barely any time to check my page or blog which has been really hard for me, but summer is over!

September comes around again, with the summer ending the school year returns.
Whether we like it or not, it's here: for some it's high school, some college, or even university for some of Stardoll's adult players. Here are some tips:

1. Find a suitable bag.

So, when attending classes you have to haul around binders, pencil cases and much more! You need to find a bag suitable for carrying all your needs and yet looks super cute and stylish! One of my favorite brands for good school bags is Longchamp!

2. Plan your journey!

Okay, this sounds crazy, but plan your journey to and from the school you're attending. It's a great idea to do a test trip and see how long it takes and what's the best route for you!

3. Get organized!

If you can, buy an academic planner! Try to schedule your time so you can balance work, school, and your social life. Don't forget to leave some time for yourself!

What are your tips to a succsessful beggining to a new school year, I'm sure there are many I forgot to add so tell me in the comments!

Till next time Dolls,

Nat xoxo