Surrounded by idiots (1/5)

3 months ago

Heippa! Yes, you read the title correctly but no, I won't be spilling any tea. Surrounded by Idiots is actually a book by Swedish author Thomas Erikson. The name of the book means that just because someone behaves differently than you do, it doesn't make the person any less clever -- no one's an idiot. Erikson's book has been blowing up in Europe, but unfortunately it has not been released yet in English. By reading the book you'll be able to understand different personality types and people's behaviors (including your own behavior).

Today I'll be starting a new series here on StarBlog. In each part, I'm going to be talking 

about a new personality type. Keep in mind that most people are a combination between 2-3 colors. I've also got some stories about me interacting with people who have blue/red/green/yellow personality. I hope that you'll be able to spot your own personality type by reading this series. You could also do a test on the Internet which would tell you "What color is your personality?" but those tests are usually far from the truth. So, use this series as a learning experience because you'll probably learn new things about yourself. 


- Candy-8-