Listen to your body

6 months ago

Hi Dollies!

You know that 'gut feeling' that sometimes occurs? If you feel it, don't disregard it. This isn’t just a mystical intuition with no origin. It's your brain subconsciously picking up prompts from the world around you, making you feel a desire to act on it even though you're not sure where it comes from.



I’ve noticed there’s an aspect of the world that tells us our 'feelings do not matter.' I don’t know if you have similar experiences in your life, but from my experience, I’ve decided I do not agree with that advice. Of course, I’m not saying feelings should dictate everything we do either. During my research of the MBTI Personality system, I especially like the 16 Personalities website's test, because its result presents Feeling vs Thinking (and the other traits) as a percentage rather than assigning people with the one and only one, meaning we can find a balance between the two.


Sometimes I catch myself in a strange mood; uncomfortable, off and slightly negative, yet no matter how hard I rack my brain, I can’t put my finger on a particular event that triggered it. I find it’s often due to bottling up the tiniest of issues: an unlucky event or a demeaning word. On days like those, it’s important to slow down. Put on some calming music or meditate, stop overthinking your day and take a moment to listen to your body.


Of course, it's best to never reach that low point, so it’s helpful to routinely devote some time towards self care, talk to someone you trust or jot down your thoughts in a diary. There are times to be calm and logical, and there are times to think of your feelings. We have strong bodies and strong minds, but it’s easy to forget that everyone has a limit. Set apart some down-time and take a break for yourself. 


Take care,


♡ Joanne