Drink Plenty of Water

5 months ago

Hi Dollies!


Water is important! You could say it’s the life-force of humans and the natural world, second only to oxygen. Health authorities recommend drinking approximately 2 liters of water a day, even more if you can.



Recently, I've realised that I'm not even close to reaching that amount unless I've just eaten a very salty pizza! By keeping a bottle of water with me to sip while I work, I've only noticed positive changes in my life as a result (excluding increased bathroom breaks). Here are some benefits to drinking enough water:


Brain Power: Your body is 60% water and your brain is 73% water. By drinking enough, you will feel more alert and focused, as well as prevent unpleasant headaches.


Skin Health: Naturally, water will moisurize and regulate your skin. It can even help to reduce the severity of acne, which is something I noticed in myself. (Keep in mind it must also be balanced by a healthy diet.)


Flushes out Toxins: Yes, the increased frequency of bathroom breaks may be annoying, but it's the water efficiently flushing out waste and even fat by-products, aiding in weight loss.


Positive Mood: Perhaps this is more of a side effect rather than a direct implication of better drinking habits, but with your body functioning better and your skin looking healthier, it's sure to have a positive impact on your mood.


Do you drink enough water?


Take care,


♡ Joanne