Another Chapter Ends

8 months ago

Hey Stardolls, first up I apologize for not being regular with my blog series for the past month, I was just caught up with my final semester of college. With that said, this post is just about that.

My college life did not include a lot of partying, relationships or studies. Instead, it included: hide 'n' seek in the college campus, water-ice, hopscotch, playing tag in the corridors and having all the students and teachers yelling at you to keep it low, but wishing on the inside that they could join the fun as well; friendships that I'm gonna hold onto forever, and studying the entire syllabus in a day before the exam! Do not try this at home, it literally takes a toll on your health. Although I can share a cool study tip that really helped me - prepare 1 page notes for a single chapter, just squeeze the notes of a single chapter on 1 page - compile the pages and voila you need to go through only 10-15 pages of notes before your exam - Which also is my cue to bid you adieu so that I may go study for my exam.

By the time this post reaches to you, I'll have completed my graduation and I'll be back with all the experiences and outfits for all my blog series.

Till then - Live, Laugh, Love.

- The Indian Soul