Hang in There

7 months ago

May is Mental Health Awareness. It originated in 1949. Its purpose is to shed light on mental illnesses, as they are often misunderstood. It has gone to the point where people start using mental illnesses as adjectives. This makes them seem like they are not serious. Many people use the word "triggered" to describe a person who gets offended/angry. Trigger is a term used to define something that causes an individual to feel emotional distress. It can be sadness, panic, et cetera. 

Mental illness is a physical illness as well. The brain is an organ. When it does not produce the right chemicals, it will show symptoms. Taking antidepressants aren't any different than taking insulin to manage diabetes. Antidepressants help correct chemical imbalances that can cause mental illness. Our emotions are a chemical process. Happiness is not always a choice to make. Let's put an end to the mental illness stigma.


Thanks for reading.