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10 months ago

Hey Dolls! 

The new Friday contest is a success! We have received more than 2000 submissions. It seems you know Taylor Swift very well! Stardoll has been filled with amazing clones!
These are the 5 winners of the first week! Everyone has received 20 SD!
The new Friday contest was a great success again! It seems you know Rihanna very well! Stardoll has been filled with amazing clones!

These are the 3 winners of the week! Everyone has received FREE STARDOLLARS!

karinaparamore -> She has represented the best-known version of Rihanna. Long black hair, tanned skin, a little leather, and ready to sing! Did you know that Rihanna was born in Barbados? Barbados is one of the smallest countries in the world!

dilarasmus -> Rihanna looks amazing here! She is a real diva! Did you know that Katy Perry chose Rihanna as a bridesmaid for her wedding with Russell Brand?
1990loveyou -> The "Omelette Dress" was a must-have for this contest! Rihanna wore this dress for the red carpet during MET 2016. The dress weighed 25 kilos and was made by Guo Pei, a new high-fashion designer from China.
Remember to check our contests page! The more you participate, the more you could win!
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