The Wardrobe Diaries #1

10 months ago

Shopping Tip #1 - Don't buy stuff that doesn't suit you a 100%. 99.9999% won't do.

Hey Dolls, the first outfit in the series is what I'm wearing right now (as I write this post) and also what I'm gonna wear the day my semester resumes :P

Shrugs are my favourite spring season clothing item! 

The outfit contains - A floral pattern shrug, white spaghetti top, blue jeans and white sneakers. One can get the mentioned clothing items from the following real world stores - 

1. Floral Shrug - Bossini, Only, Spalsh, Forever 21 (I got mine from Bossini)

2. White Spaghetti Top - Basics section of any fashion brand (but I guess almost everybody owns this)

3. Blue Jeans/Blue Crop Jeans - Splash, Only, Vero Moda, Reliance Trends and Max (for regular/slim fit jeans)

4.White Sneakers - Any shoe store

(These brands are apart from the local shops and markets, and usually are the places from where I bought them.)

Live. Love. Shop.