Six Favorite Childhood Shows

9 months ago

  I used to watch a lot of television as a child. Since I graduate from high school in a few months, I decided to relive some of my childhood. I present you with six favorite animated shows I still enjoy, even as an eighteen year-old. 

6. Danny Phantom 
Danny Phantom follows a 14-year-old teenager who acquired ghost powers and uses them to fight ghosts and live as a normal 9th grader. 

5. The Rugrats
This show is a classic. It centers around a group of babies and 3-year-old Angelica Pickles and their lives which sometimes turn into adventures due to the babies' imaginations. The adults in the show are often unaware of what the babies are up to.

4. My Life as a Teenage Robot
This series follows a robot girl named XJ-9 (better known as Jenny Wakeman) whose duties are to save Earth from harm as well as be a normal teenager. 

3. Dexter's Laboratory
This is another sci-fi series that follows 5th grader Dexter, who is an inventor and also has a secret laboratory hidden from his parents. 

2. The Powerpuff Girls
I'm talking about the original Powerpuff Girls here. This show follows three kindergarten girls who have superpowers. They were created by their father and scientist, Professor Utonium. 

1. Teen Titans 
(The tv series) is based on DC Comics' Teen Titans. Not to be confused with Teen Titans Go, this was my favorite show out of all DC Comics' animated shows. It follows five superhero friends. They deal with criminals and threats to the city they live in as well as dealing with adolescenthood struggles. 

What are your favorite childhood shows? Do you still enjoy watching them?