Makeup Double Standards

13 months ago

Hello, dolls!

Makeup double standards are everywhere. Here are a few I have experienced. 

What people say when I wear makeup:

- "You don't need all that to be beautiful!"
- "Fake"
- "She must be insecure"
- "You look better without makeup"
- "Natural is best"
- "Cake face"
- "I prefer no makeup"

What people say when I don't wear makeup:

- "Are you sick?"
- "You look tired"
- "Busy morning today?"
- "You look ... different"
- "It wouldn't hurt to put a little effort in"
- "Women should wear makeup, it's feminine"
- "Did you forget your [insert product] today?"

What I say:

If I wear makeup, it's because I like it. I wear it because it's fun and creative, not to hide my insecurities. I don't wear it to please individuals, so thank you for sharing with me that you prefer natural looks. If I don't have makeup on, I'm not sick, I'm not tired. Yes, I look different. Makeup is for everyone, but sometimes it's not for me and sometimes it is. 

Lauren xox

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