Together 10ever - TamaraPicTaker

12 months ago

Tamara was so enthusiastic about photography that she first joined Stardoll 10 years ago, she signed up with the name TamaraPicTaker. Since then she pursued other interests, including college and a career as a dental assistant. Through it all her family came first. She nursed her father when he was ill (he is fine now), and a year and a half ago she became a mother. Now that she has more time for herself, she is back to enjoying Stardoll regularly.

My favorite thing about Stardoll is that anything is possible. Clothes that in real life I would have never been able to wear due to cost alone become staples in my virtual closet. I like to try looks on my doll and let that inspire my actual wardrobe. My doll is styled to reflect my real-life appearance. I love that the makeup and beauty options have been expanded so that everyone has the the option to be unique, very YOU. 

10 years ago the fashions looked basic. Now the best designs have an ultra-realistic HD look to them. I would love in the future to have 3D decor items that could be rotated and manipulated so that I could have more options on how to place them within my suite.

I'm a huge advocate for mental health. Learning to accept myself for who I am was my biggest issue. Growing to love myself helped me reach a healthier place.