Stardesign Art Gallery

11 months ago

Hello again.

Today I wanted to share with you an underappreciated facet of Stardoll life, Stardesign Art. Designers create incredible things using the simple shapes offered in Stardesign. My examples today have all been created using the Interior Stardesign module.

Because there are so many great designs available, some might think it is easy to create a complex image. From my own experience, it is not. The learning curve for using the tools is steep. It takes a lot of time to get every piece in place to create something that looks effortless.

This month I am displaying some of my collection of designs in my suite. Please drop by my Art Gallery and take a closer look.

Perhaps you will be inspired to take your own designs to a new level, or to start your own collection.

Play safe and have fun!

Samples from my Stardesign Art Gallery