Sponge vs Silicon

9 months ago

Hello, dolls!

Any makeup user should have an arsenal of blending tools in her makeup bag. Blending with tools rather than your hands is a much better way to apply makeup, due to the fact that using (clean) tools minimises bacteria transfer to your face, keeping your face cleaner and breakout free!

While there are numerous brushes to use to blend, personally, I prefer using a sponge in order to get an airbrushed, streak-free finish for my foundation. Sponges such as the Beauty Blender have become cult-products in the search for the perfect finish.

However, an interesting and relatively recently popularised sponge are silicon-based sponges. Today, I will break down both sponge types, so you can make the right decision for your foundation etc. application.

Traditional Sponge: Comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Higher quality / more expensive brands come with higher-quality sponge material. Traditional sponges aim at soaking up excess product and distributing it evenly, ensuring a smoother finish. Most are used better when wet, to give you a better-looking complexion. They offer buildable coverage, for all types of foundation.

Silicon Sponge: Again, many shapes and sizes. Usually made of slightly bendy, clear silicone. They offer a full coverage blending type, due to the fact they do not soak up excess product like the material of a traditional sponge. Unlike the traditional sponge, they are used with liquid or cream foundation best. They use less makeup in comparison to other sponges and are far easier to clean.

What is your preferred type?

Lauren xox

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