Reacting To My Old Blogs! Part 2!

9 months ago

Hi All! 

A couple of days ago, I wrote a blog post where I reacted to my first blog post. I mostly received positive feedback, so I decided to create a part 2.

Due to the 1000 character max, I had to cut out the start. Sorry folks!

By the way does that sound right or did I spell it wrongly because as I and you can see I wrote it twice, but then the thing is it does not make sense if there is only one for but I do not know it just does not sound right. Mmm.....

REACTION: I enjoyed rambling. A LOT. And lets not even talk about the bad grammer.

All well we will just worry about that problem later or i will just be typing all day then my fingers will probably just break of off my hands then DUN DUN DUNN I will not be able to blog ever ever again. Also did I use the correct of's there. Someone stop me I am under a curse. So lets finally get started on this blog, the blog that you have been waiting way to long for.

REACTION: I wrote like I actually had an audience.