Writing interview - MariakQueen

9 months ago

Hi dollies!


Today, I will be interviewing MariakQueen on her writing experience.


1. What made you pick up a pen to start writing?

I decided to start writing on a rainy day. Both of my sisters were out, I had already finished reading all my books, and I just wasn't in the mood to do anything else. So, I went to get a pen and paper, and just started writing


2. How does writing make you feel?

My writing makes me feel like a river. Everything just flows perfectly if I put a little bit of thought and imagination into my stories.


3. How do you cope with Writers block?

I cope with Writer's Block by going outside and finding something I like, whether it is my backyard or a shopping mall. The world can help you so much when you're writing!


4. How do you see your future as a writer?

As a writer, I think my future would end up in news or film. I can see myself writing newspaper articles or a script for a news channel. I know my life will end up including writing.


5. Do you have any tips for budding writers to get started?

For new writers- don't be intimidated! When I starting writing, I would read books and would think, "How could I ever compare to this?" But guess what? Writing, in life, isn't about competing.


Starlight x