Living the Suite Life: Fikretaotweety

12 months ago

Life imitates art in the Stardoll world. One of my favorite aspects of this game is suite design and décor. Just as a home reflects a person's personality, so does a Stardoll Suite!

In an attempt to feature more creative Stardolls with my Who, Wore, What segment, and Stardoll's Got Talent segment, I will be featuring creative Stardoll suites and their fabulous owners!

Today's featured suite is cozy, experimental, and full of flair.

Pictured is Fikretaotweety's suite and doll. Fikretaotweety has been a Stardoll member since 2009 and has remained an active, fabulous, kind and very generous member since then.

She has an aptitude for creating inviting scenes, with a keen eye for themes and embellishment. Best of all, she's a storyteller! Her doll's name is Fifi, and she, in Fikretaotweety's own words, "Is a very lucky (SPOILED) Stardoll who lives in a fabulously chic seaside villa in a beautiful place called: Californeum."

Go visit Fikretaotweety, and discover the wonderful world of Californeum!

                                  "Living the Suite Life with Fikretaotweety"
, written by: AllDolledUp