StarDesign to Reality: Contest

54 months ago

Hey dolls!

I hope you guys didn't miss the exciting StarDesign to Reality contest we have going on!

Here are the guidelines you should think about if you want to be one of the 10 lucky winners who will get their designed jewelry as a prize in real life:

  • The jewelry is created by 3D printing and can be plated or made entirely from one single material. The materials used are plated brass, silver or gold
  • The maximum size of an item is 88 mm x 66 mm x 125 mm.
  • The jewlery is hand polised, so it should not have any threads or bars that are thinner than 1 mm .
  • The insides of holes, designs with patterns, or items with large height differences can have a matte and slightly uneven surface since they are impossible to polish. Sharp corners will be slightly rounded when the item is polished.

So... be sure not to make it TOO big or TOO thin!

Check out these samples of jewelry created by the company that will 3D print the winning designs!


Feeling inspired? You can take part in the contest until May 23.


Best of luck!