Wardrobe Tweaks & Storage Alternatives

62 months ago

Hello dolls,

We know some of you have had a hard time adapting to the Suite updates...
If you want to more about why we changed things up and how we plan on improving the Wardrobe/Storage feature, please take a look at this post in our official blog.

The good news is, our tech team has been working hard to squash some bugs we've encountered and just recently found a way to make sure you'll always find the most recent items you've used in the first pages of your Wardrobe.

A lot of you were very upset for losing your old closet because you had a whole system worked out or had spent a lot of time organizing your things in a certain way. What can we say? We are really sorry about that. We were actually just trying to make it easier for you guys to be able to find your stuff...

If you're still not happy with the fact that you no longer see your items on display, or that you can't organize things exactly as you want in the new Wardrobe, there are other alternatives.

Check out these dolls' nifty Suites for inspiration.

notnoworlater has an amazing walk-in closet.

frksonne set up an actual Bazaar in her Suite.

DTMeow built a neat accessories rack.

Amy.-.Winehouse put together quite a display.

You can always get creative and style a brand new closet for yourself. And the best part is, you can customize it however you wish!

If you're not really sure where to start, head on over to Starplaza and check out the special display we put together this weekend. You'll find some of the many storage options we have available to suit your organizing preferences.