Make-Up Tutorial: Holiday Party!

46 months ago

Parties are the best time to show off your most amazing make-up creations. Today, I will be showing you a look thats easy to re-create and is simply gorgeous.

Start by brushing black mascara all over your lashes. Then, using black eyeliner, create a wing. Add a bit of white in the inner corners so your look isn't too dark. Next, sweep on a bit of black eyeshadow on the outter corners of your eyes. Apply a bright colour in the middle (I used pink!), and then apply white eyeshadow to the inner corners.

On your cheeks, swirl in a red or pink shadow - it makes your doll look flushed with happiness! For the lips, choose a colour that is similar to the bright eyeshadow colour on your eyes. Doing so, will make your whole face pop!

You're all finished! Remember to pick any bright colour you love and be creative! 

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