February 2013

  • Cherryminnie12Cherryminnie12


    Hello Dollies! I hope you love these fashion and oufit planning tips.


    1) When planning a glam outfit: Keep it simple and don't overdo it
    2) Use cute accessories to polish up your look
    3) Keep your makeup focused on either eyes or lips. Never both!
    4) Add a nice hairstyle ( loose bun or curly hair ) will finish it off.

    1) When designing an outfit: Choose any piece of clothing in your closet ( like,a blouse) 
    2) Add another piece ( of you chose a blouse add a pant or skirt )
    3) Now try finding a nice jacket that complements the outfit so far made
    4) Then go wild with accessories! Add shoes, bracelets, bags, necklaces...
  • Vicky.StardollVicky.Stardoll


    Robert Pattinson is currently in Australia, filming a new movie. But even though he's only there to work, he's already having troubles with the law. Well, okay, mini troubles. RPatz was photographed when he was cycling through Adelaide back on January 13th - not wearing a safety helmet! Cyclists are required to wear a helmet by law in the state, and he was later contacted by local authorities and got himself a warning. Poor Rob, we guess he had no idea!

  • Vicky.StardollVicky.Stardoll


    It has merely been two years since the British boy band One Direction released their debut single “What Makes You Beautiful” and oh boy have they been busy! No, we’re not just talking about the music. From dating 32-year-olds, to cheating on their girlfriends and post nude pictures of themselves, these five young men have time and again made it into the headlines.Read about some of their nastiest scandals so far!