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7 months ago:Stardoll Launcher FAQ
We are getting too many questions about the new STARDOLL LAUNCHER and here are the MOST COMMON ANSWERS. Please, ONLY contact us if you can't find your answer here.

Q. Why do I need to download the Stardoll Launcher?
A. Stardoll was built using Adobe Flash technology over 15 years ago. Flash will no longer be supported after December 31, 2020, so you won’t be able to use your Suite or Beauty Parlor, shop for items, use StarDesign, send Broadcasts, attend Chat Parties, and more without it. The Launcher will enable you to continue playing on Stardoll as you normally would after Flash ends.

Q. My PC won’t install the 64 bit Launcher and I need a 32 bit version!
A. Right now, we have the 64 bit version available. If you have the 32 bit version of Windows, but have a 64 bit capable computer, you can uninstall and then reinstall the 64 bit version for free -- there are many tutorials on how to do this available online.

Q. I can’t use the Launcher, it keeps updating (Mac users).
A. The Mac launcher works only for Mac version 10.14+. If you are not able to use the Launcher, please delete the previous installer and download a new installer to get the launcher once again. Use the link available in the Stardoll Launcher page, under "What’s New" page.

Q. I have an older Mac computer and I can’t use the launcher.
A. The Launcher requires a MacOS version of 10.14 or above. The easiest way to get the update is to search for OS X or macOS in the app store. The 10.14 version is the last version of OS X that supports 32 bit applications, so if you have any other application that is only available as 32 bit, you should not upgrade past that. The version 10.14 will show a warning when you run 32 bit applications, so if you are unsure, a good idea is to first upgrade to 10.14 to make sure none of the applications you use are 32 bit.

Q. Is the Launcher safe to use?
A. Yes. Download it only through the link available in the Stardoll Launcher page, under the “What’s New” page.

Q. I plan to use an internet browser that will continue to manage Flash even after 2020. Can I access Stardoll’s Flash-based content via this browser in 2021?
A. You should be able to, if the browser does what it says. As we cannot guarantee anything, you should still download the Stardoll Launcher to use in case your browser stops working with Flash.

Q. I have more than one account on Stardoll. Can I login to them using the Launcher?
A. Absolutely! Once you log out of one account, you are able to login to another.

Q. Can I create a new account using the Launcher?
A. Yes. It’s possible to create new accounts. It can take few minutes to complete the action.

Q. I can’t make a purchase using the Launcher.
A. It’s possible to make purchases through the Launcher, use the Xsolla payment page.

Q. Will there be a tablet or mobile version, Linux or Chromebook version?
A. The Launcher was made for Windows (64 bit) or Mac (version 10.14+)

Q. I don’t like how the Launcher works and think there should be new features!
A. Our first priority is offering our members a platform to continue playing Stardoll into 2021. Once we have accomplished this, then we can consider tweaking and upgrading the Launcher

Q. I can't open my Suite in full screen.
A. We're aware of this issue. It can take some time to fix it, but we are working on it.

Q. Can I open more than one tab on the new Launcher?
A. You can click in “In Game” (on the StarPlaza image that shows when you start the Launcher) to open a new window of the Launcher.

Q. I can’t go back to the previous page.
A. The arrow to go back to the previous page is on the left top corner of the page. Hover your mouse over to find it.

Q. I can’t zoom in or out, or copy and paste.
A. You can zoom in choosing CTRL + the mouse scroll button. You can use CTRL + C and CTRL V to copy and paste.
6 months ago:MAC LAUNCHER!

Some Mac users are experiencing issues with the Mac Stardoll Launcher. Here is what you should do:

DOWNLOAD a NEW INSTALLER from the website and install the Launcher once again. The link is available in the Stardoll Launcher page, under "What's New". You will have to delete the previous version first.


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