How do I create my own hair?

1. Go to the StarDesign Hair studio.
2. Click on "+" and choose a theme.
3. Choose amongst the hair pieces available.
4. Drag the hair pieces to your stardoll. You can resize or rotate each hair piece as well as choose a level of transparency to create nice shadow details for your hairstyle.
5. Any hair piece placed within the frame will be a part of the hairstyle, and the hair pieces don't necessarily need to be connected to each other. You can have a maximum of 65 hair pieces in your hairstyle.
6. You can choose to show or hide your regular hairstyle by clicking the eye icon in the studio's toolbar. This way you can easily create hair extensions for your regular hair.
7. You can choose how you would like a piece to be layered on your doll through the layer icon in the toolbar. You can place it behind the doll, in between the head and body or in front of the doll. This can be changed afterwards.
8. When you are finished, click ‘Done’.
9. Your finished hairstyle will be displayed in your StarDesign Hair studio. You can always try on your hairstyles in your studio before you buy them.
10. To buy an item, click on the three dots on the top right corner of your created designs and select "Buy". You can purchase the same design up to 99 times at once.
11. If you are not satisfied with your creation, you can edit it by selecting "Edit" on the design's menu.
12. You can also delete or create a copy of an existing design through the "Delete" and "Copy" functions.
13. You will find purchased StarDesign Hair in your Beauty Parlor, under the StarDesign Hair section.
To check the StarDesign Hair Tutorial, click here.

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