Stardoll Etiquette - the One-Stop Rules

These are our ONE-STOP RULES:


  • Do not make sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, ageist, sizeist or otherwise degrading remarks. This includes using well-known coded language and dog-whistle statements that alienate, belittle, or otherwise degrade others.
  • Do not use bad words or sexually graphic terms or create sexually graphic imagery.
  • Do not bully or threaten other members.
  • Do not create and/or distribute items that may be offensive to others, including (but not limited to) cigarettes, weapons, drugs, and racist symbols.
  • Do not promote or glorify any type of self-harm in any way, including creating and/or distributing items that do.
  • Do not ask or encourage other members to break the rules in any way.
  • Do not claim to be part of or to have a connection to members of the Stardoll Staff.
  • Do not attempt to contact staff by means other than official channels (which are currently ONLY via the customer support link and Stardoll support email). This includes reaching out to staff members' personal social media accounts on any platform.


  • Do not share or ask for personal information such as password, phone number, email, location, or similar*.
  • Do not type your password anywhere except in the login box on (or any Stardoll apps) or change your email to any email address that does not belong to you.
  • Do not post links to external sites*.
  • Do not trade or sell items outside of the StarBazaar.
  • Do not make private deals, trade, buy, or sell items for more than 600 Stardollars.
  • Do not sell, trade, share, or give away Stardoll accounts.
  • Do not transfer money between accounts through the StarBazaar.
  • Do not attempt to make fraudulent transactions.
  • Do not sell Starcoin items for Stardollars.
  • Do not offer to sell Stardollars to or purchase Stardollars from others through the StarBazaar.


  • Do not use proxies, external programs, or other methods to attempt to cheat or alter information or graphics.
  • Do not duplicate the original designs of other members.
  • Do not ask another member to copy or duplicate a design for you.
  • Do not use a program to duplicate your own designs.
  • Do not run scripts or use automation software or proxies in order to advance in the game or affect other people’s chances.

  • PLAYING FAIR during MSW means:

  • • Do not purchase votes from other dolls. Offering gifts to thank voters is acceptable, but using money, Stardollars, or purchasing membership for voters is strictly forbidden.
  • • Follow all of the One-Stop Rules, as any infractions against them will lead to disqualification and possible account deletion.
  • • MSW represents all of Stardoll, not only voting clubs, so we ask that voting clubs refrain from actively campaigning for one doll during the competition.
  • • MSW contestants are required to maintain a cordial relationship with all of the other contestants and dolls, and remember that they are representing Stardoll to a world-wide audience and act accordingly.

  • Any violation of the rules is taken very seriously and may result in your account being deleted with no chance of a refund. Warnings may occur for small infractions, but anything that has the potential to scare, scam, or impact others can lead to immediate account deletion.

    Stardoll is a friendly, fashionable place for you to enjoy yourself and have fun! You can get creative, hang out with friends and meet new people from all over the world. We have created the One-Stop Rules to keep Stardoll safe and enjoyable for all our members.

    *It is now acceptable to share your usernames to other popular social media sites (such as Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube), though sharing direct links is still prohibited. If your username is your name (such as on Facebook), then you cannot share it, as it contains personal information.

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