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이름: Hayko Cepkin

직업: Singer

생일: March 11, 1978

In 2005, Hayko would go on to form the band which he's named after his own name, Hayko Cepkin. The band members consist of Umut Töre (guitarist), Poyraz Kılıç (bass) and Murat Cem Ergül (drummer). This leaves Hayko himself to be the lead singer of the band. From his first album Hayko composed and written many of the songs throughout his life. The first album was titled, “Sakin Olmam Lazım” and it contained hints of classic Turkish blends and raw angst present in his rock tracks. Some of the singles released from this album include, "Yarası Saklı", "Görmüyorsun", "Fırtınam", "Son Kez" and the infamous "Zaman Geçti".