Woozworld Quiz Whiz - Free Pal for Everyone Who Participates!

Woozworld Quiz Whiz - Free Pal for Everyone Who Participates!

Hey Dolls!

Have you heard of the fashion world called Woozworld? There are thousands of fashion items for you to style... or so they claim! We are sending Stardoll detectives in to investigate these claims and to chat with the local residents to become the Woozworld Quiz Whiz!

Take a trip to Woozworld and gather some facts for us! Stop by Callie.Stardoll’s UnitZ (search StardollCallie) and then chat with the Woozens! We hear they are really friendly there, so if you do that, you might have a Woozen follow you back to your Suite!

From the Quiz entries, we will also select ten lucky contestants who answered all questions correctly to win a double grand prize of Stardollars here on Stardoll and Wooz over on Woozworld!

Answer these questions to prove you are the Woozworld Quiz Whiz:
  • 1) What do Woozworld citizens call their home “Suite?”

  • 2) Which of the following is NOT a Woozworld currency?

  • 3) What is the Woozworld social network that helps Woozens stay in touch?

  • 4) What is the name of the catalog where you can get more clothing in Woozworld?

  • 5) What is the name of the very first Quest in Woozworld?

  • 6) What color is our own StardollCallie’s bedside light in her bedroom UnitZ?