Thankful Traditions Diary Contest!

Thankful Traditions Diary Contest!
Hey Dolls!  
Thanksgiving is a time of traditions. For some people, it includes watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, for others, it’s spending time serving the less-fortunate at a food-pantry or homeless shelter. Others gather with their family of friends for a traditional meal, while some others hit the movie theaters for the latest release before getting in line for the crazy Black Friday sales. For many people around the world, Thanksgiving is something they have heard about but never celebrated, but they can understand and respect the idea of gathering with loved ones to celebrate our blessings. 
For this Diary contest, we want to know what your traditions are, if you celebrate Thanksgiving, or what you think they would be, Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday where you are. 
When you enter, you will also win an awesome Thanksgiving prize to create a classic Thanksgiving feast! The top diary entries will win Stardollars! Be sure to check out the other Thanksgiving contests to complete your feast! 
  • Write in the box below to tell us your tale by Thursday, November 29. (Those who write gibberish or copy and paste random text will not be eligible to win Stardollars.) 
  • Have fun!