Celebrity Friday! -> Misty (Pokémon)

Celebrity Friday! -> Misty (Pokémon)
Hey Dolls, 

The Friday Contest is here! Do you want to demonstrate your skills as a stylist, make-up artist, and celebrity manager? Participate NOW!
You just have to create the look and style of the actor, actress, singer, influencial person, etc. that we propose every Friday. Use your Doll and turn it into the character of the week, take a photo and send it. The 3 best imitations will win FREE StarDollars and will be posted worldwide in StarBlog!

This famous character is from Cerulean City (カ ス ミ in Japanese). She is a character from the anime and Pokémon games and a very good Gym Leader. She has a terrible fear towards the Pokémon Bug, whom she detests almost as much as carrots and peppers! She is... Misty from Pokémon! 

You can take inspiration from _Trance and the gorgeous art that she has made! She has received one item from her wish-list as a reward for inspiring us!

Submissions are accepted until June 21! ;)

PS: If your doll looks like a famous or influential person, send us a message here, and you can be the inspiration for next week. If we choose you, you will receive a gift from your wish-list!