Ramadan Party Photo Contest!

Ramadan Party Photo Contest!

Hello Dolls! 

We know you had so much fun with our first Ramadan Quiz Contest and enjoyed the dreamlike night-themed gifts! :)

Now, it is time for our Second Contest! 

As we said before, the city never sleeps at night when it’s Ramadan! People stay awake between iftaree and suhoor. Instead of sleeping, they spend this time with their loved ones, having a good time and delicious food at tables crowded with their nearest and dearest!

We have two amazing Ramadan Chat Rooms! One of them is only Superstars which recently came out and it has a surprise gift for everyone who enters! :) 

So, gather all your close friends in one of those chat rooms, enjoy your time with them and take a picture of you and your friends while having a good time! Dolls with the most fun-looking pics will win Stardollars!


- Use one of our Ramadan Party Chat rooms!
- Gather as much friends as possible in the chat room.
- Take a picture while having a good time!
- Send it here by the 8th of June! 

 Good Luck Dolls!