Let us know what you like to do in Stardoll!

Let us know what you like to do in Stardoll!
Hello Dolls!  

Stardoll is a universe of fun and happiness! :)

There are so many activities that it is hard to choose what is the best thing to do around here.

We would like to know what you like to do most in Stardoll!  

Do you like to read blogs? Write blogs? 

Prefer to make new designs and creations or to buy new collections? 
Is it better to do that amazing presentation that calls the attention of your Suite’s visitor than anything else? 
Do you like to chat? Do you prefer a private conversation or party with your friends?  

We know that you like competitions because we see you always see you around here!

We would like to know more about you as a Doll on Stardoll! 

Answer these 3 questions below for a chance to win 25 Stardollars! 

  • How long have you been playing Stardoll? 
  • What do you like to do most? 
  • What do you expect to see this year? 


-Answer the questions in the field below 
-Participate until the April 19th 

 Good luck, Dolls!