• MQueenMQueen


    Hey, Stardollians!  The key to fashion is inspiration.  Whether you get it from the Internet, or just another person doesn't matter.  Because of this, I decided to find a picture off the Internet and give it a review.  You can also kindly share your thoughts on it, as well.  This awesome picture can be found ABOVE.  Before I review it, I would like to stress that I did NOT make that picture and I am NOT taking any credit for the fashion shown in that picture!  Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let's review it:

  • uniquegirl310uniquegirl310


    For today's post I will be showing you a before and after makeover! Fashionista54 is a beautiful doll who is truly pretty on the inside out. She asked me if i could do a small makeover for her, and I was delighted. ( Please note: I did the makeover in her beauty parlor, while I was on my account. After that I took pictures, also on my account. I did not go on her account.)

  • Oo.Ashley.oOOo.Ashley.oO


    Do you need inspiration for your doll? Would you like to try something new and different? Well, here are some of my best friends that might inspire you. Enjoy!


    For the guys - paria10

  • AliceIzzy454AliceIzzy454


    Hi! AliceIzzy454 here! As requested I have done starcoin outfits. Sorry if the outfits appear small. All items can be found in the Starplaza.


  • cooleypooleycooleypooley


    As you may know, my last post was a fact quiz on animals, and I got a lot of good responses on that, so I thought why not do some more fact quizzes, but on different subjects? :D
  • Lay-CeyLay-Cey


    I love the way she`s used Velvet Orchid`s lace arm jacket underneath the dress to create a whole new dress which is classy and pretty at the same time. She`s used some cute red wedges to add colour to the outfit which I love and a small simple bag which balances the outfit out. She`s also used a tiny studded braclet to add a finishing touch. Well done queen197 - you`ve really hit the nail on the head! I`ll be looking for more cute and clever outfits so dress up your doll and you may end up in the StarBlog! Hope you enjoyed reading,

  • KimmyyRoxxKimmyyRoxx


    Today I uploaded a new Stardoll makeup video. It's themed on a 'girly & pink' spring look.


    I hope you like it! :D

  • uniquegirl310uniquegirl310



                 Stardoll is a beautiful place, where everyone can be themselves! I asked many dollies what makes them unique? What sets them apart from other dolls? Here are there answers:

  • the.kewl.kidthe.kewl.kid


    Hello, dollies! Some of you may remember a very talented designer here on Stardoll from several years ago. We haven't seen to many of her designs in the top spots lately. Her username is Joanne1305. Joanne is still an active user, and she still does some designing. If this name doesn't ring a bell, go have a look at her suite and doll! I'm sure you'll love it just as much as I do! Joanne loves architecture and design. Her favorite color is pink, and she is a Taylor Swift fan. Here's a picture of Joanna and some of her famous old designs! Enjoy!

  • MQueenMQueen


    Hey everyone!  I have yet another amazing Superstar Stardoll Role Model, but she is not the Superstar you're thinking of!  She's MY KIND OF SUPERSTAR!  She doesn't have a paid membership, but her outfit makes you think she is!  You'll know what I mean if you take a look ABOVE!  Also, take a look in her suite!  A little sneak peek is also located AT THE VERY TOP!  No, her suite isn't big and flashy, but I also have another suprise: She's only Level 10!  Are you hungry for ANOTHER awesome Non-Superstar?!  If you answered, "Yes," then stay tuned for my next entry, which will also feature an interview!  Type to ya later!  :D