Desember 2011

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    This week’s crush was plucked out of almost obscurity by Steven Spielberg to star in War Horse, a heart-wrenching World War I drama released on Christmas Day that already has major Oscar buzz. Jeremy Irvine, a twenty-one year old ex-London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts student  is best known for his role as Luke on the UK Disney Channel Series Life Bites. What do we love about this British hottie? For one thing, his sudden thrust into the limelight hasn’t turned him into a Hollywood snob. He told the Daily Mail that “‘I can’t imagine what would happen if I ever came back [home] and started being a bit of a diva. I think I’d have my head ripped off. My family wouldn’t stand for it.” He’s also multi-talented: he plays several instruments including piano, and saxophone and he’s also a fast learner. Before he landed the lead in War Horse, he hadn’t spent a single second in a saddle.
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    Some would argue that the biggest party of the year happens at the end (or beginning) of it. New Year’s Eve is notorious for its no-holds-barred shenanigans (just ask Lindsay Lohan, who turned down big party plans this year in an effort to revamp her public image). We’re all for indulging in some flashy sequins on the big night, but like the rest of life, it’s easy to go a little overboard. Especially with the makeup. So whether your plans involve all-out party rocking or keeping low key with your best girls, there are a couple beauty rules anyone celebrating the new year can abide by. Here, our tips for ringing in the New Year with class.
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    The end of the year is fast approaching, and between picking a party and planning your outfit, it’s about that time to make a resolution for 2012—one that you actually plan to keep. If you need some inspiration, here’s a list of what your favorite celebs are pledging to do in the New Year.

    Justin Bieber
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    Cameron Silver

    Owner of Los Angeles vintage emporiums Decades and Decades Two, Cameron Silver ditched his passion for performing cabaret songs in 1997 (he warbled on a cross-country tour after college) and turned his love of vintage hunting into a business with the launch of his first shop on Melrose Avenue. Once named one of Time Magazine’s 25 Most Influential in Fashion, Silver has had no problem dressing up Hollywood’s elite in the vanguard attire of days past. Needless to say, when Hermès names a bag in your honor (The Cameron Bag), you’ve clearly done something right. gives Mr. Silver the quizzical top ten treatment.
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    Christmas holidays are here and a lot of stars spend their holidays in Aspen. Skiing, shopping or just spending time with your family - Aspen is the place to be! Last week we spotted the Hilton sisters there, and now Seal and Heidi Klum have taken their kids to Aspen for some fun!
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    Heya everyone,

    I recently just found out that I was able to be a Star Blogger. Of coarse I am so happy that I was able to be given this position.

    What will I post about?

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    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is one of our favorite super models ever! Those lips, those long legs and that amazing street style! We love catching a glimpse of Rosie, here we spotted her in a relaxed but chic every day look. Love the jacket!
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    These three looks are quite simple to complete. The last two only come into effect from a distance, giving the eyes a much more softer appearance.
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    Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Alves are definetely one of the most adorable couples in Hollywood! After more than four years together with the Brasilian model, Camilla, Matthew has finally popped the question. He announced the news through his WhoSay account, along with a picture of them kissing by the Christmas tree. "Just asked camila to marry me," he wrote. "Merry Christmas." Congratulations to the happy couple,. we couldn't be happier for them! (people)
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    Today we meet a Italian doll with a very personal style: Blunotte.

    Everything in her suite hits our imagination: her fabulous sceneries and all the rooms of her amazing suite, not to mention her albums. Everything is perfect and studied to the very last detail. To discover more about her read the interview!