Desember 2011

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    9. The same on the other side.

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    4. First you use the feather charm. Decide the colour the eye shadow should be.

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    Dear readers,

    before starting with my post I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Krissi and I come from Germany. I've been blogging for the German starblog for about 2 years now. Blogging for the "international" blog is a great chance for me and I'm really thankful for this opportunity. So, I think this is enough information about me for now. If you've got any question, just ask;)

    Like you can read in the headline I'll show you how to make "diy eye shadow eyes" by using stardesign jewelry.
    In the following you'll see a step-by-step instruction:

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    2011 was a great year for Hollywood’s finest—or at least, the people who love to watch them, which of course would be us. This year, we decided that our favorite celebs deserved a little recognition for excelling in their niches: music, acting, or acting ridiculous on reality TV. Check out our first ever ELLEgirl Award winners!

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    It’s almost a new year—and along with it, an all-new awards season—so there’s no better time than now to reflect on all the wonderful fashion choices made by Hollywood’s most stylish young starlets this past year. From LBDs to bright red gowns, tribal prints to sparkly frocks, here are 11 of our favorite dresses that turned heads in 2011.
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    Jan 12
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    Do you already know who to kiss at midnight on New Years Eve? Well, we know who'd we LIKE to kiss, but chances aren't great our wishes will come true. We have collected the hottest guys of 2011 and now it's up to you to decide: Who is the ultimate NYE kiss?
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    Hello Dolls :)

    It's no secret that we have some very Creative dolls here on star doll. I sometimes come across creations that leave me awe struck. I would like to give notice to two dolls that have caught my attention and eye with their outstanding creations all made from items supplied within the Jewelry area of star design .Please take a look:



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    Violet Affleck is living proof of that just because your parents are famous doesn't mean you won't have to work! Jen & Ben have probably heard the old saying 'when life gives you beautiful children, have them make lemonade'. Haha!
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    The New Year is almost here!

    First, all of you medolls with messy suites, what are you waiting for?  Cleaning your suite is a great time to sweep away the old and stock your starbaazar.  There could be some great deals out there.  Take stock of what you own and decide what you need.  Then, it’s time to go shopping! Will your style change with the New Year? How about your suite?  Have you always dreamed of an opulent sitting room, lakeside view, or cozy cottage window?  Now is the time to make it happen.  Reinvest your starbaazar profits in redecorating and refreshing your style. 

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