Let the voting begin - pick me!

Let the voting begin - pick me!

The endless wait is finally over: MSW is here!!! :D

During the first stage of MSW, anything can happen! Anyone and everyone has a chance to be the next Miss/Mr Stardoll World 2017. As we all know by now, your priority during the first stage is to STAND OUT and become one of the 200 Semi-Finalists.

That’s why we'll pick 9 winners to get featured on Stardolls Instagram in addition to getting 30 Stardollars!

In the box below, tell us why YOU should win Miss/Mr Stardoll World 2017

Make sure to enter the contest by Monday the 25th of September for your chance to win!

Remember the requirements for winning MSW:
• Be at least level 10
• Have a registered and confirmed email
• Make sure you follow the One Stop Rules
• Play fair