• Joined: 2009-10-03
  • Last seen online: 47 months ago
  • Wall Flower2
    Use the room style function to save a unique outfit in one of your rooms.
  • File Under Fabulous2
    Save a hand or foot studio design in the Beauty Parlor.
  • Writing Ambitions2
    Create and save a blog entry.
  • Set the Scene25
    Become a Best Scenery Winner!
  • Superstar Model25
    Become a Covergirl!
  • Reap What You Sew2
    Design, create and buy 1 fashion item in StarDesign Fashion.
  • Hair Today More Tomorrow2
    Create and buy 1 new hairstyle in StarDesign Hair.


Celebrity look-a-like: Rapunzel
  • Favorite celebrity: Madonna
  • Favorite music: Classical
  • Favorite movie genre: Musical
  • Favorite food: Ice cream
  • Favorite color: Ice blue
  • Future dream job: Dancer
  • Favorite TV-show: The Big Bang Theory
  • Eye color: Light blue
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Favorite hobby: Dancing