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    If you have any questions that you're to shy to talk with your parents or friends about, then write your question here. I've got a big team of young women (and men) who maybe have been going through the same thing, and are ready to advice you!

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    Stardoll Paulina Porizkova Fired from America's Next Top Model!  What!  No way!

    Paulina is a  super fave on Stardoll with a
    Fan Club ov over 60,000 members -- where she runs contests, gives out prizes and advice to Stardolls worldwide!  She's a great  Role Model -- famous for her intellect --  who encourages girls to be smart, savvy and pursue all kinds of different interests!

    Callie Stardoll says, "America's Next Top Model!  Bring Paulina back! "

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    It's one of the biggest fashion events of the year ... check out Stardoll fave, America's Next Top Model judge, supermodel and novelist Paulina Porizkova's thoughts from the reddest of red carpets ...

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    Here is Part One of our Stardoll interview with RC Paulina Porizkova ... watch the video and then be part of our I'm Dressing up as Paulina for Halloween Contest and win Stardollars.

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    Read the debut of the new Stardoll column ASK PAULINA and find out about supermodels, their spaniels, and how to become a model and if you should become a model?

    In this, my very first column for Stardoll, I’d like to introduces myself, and of course, my trusty little sidekick Dexter. Unless you watch America’s Next Top Model, you may have no idea who I am. According to Tyra Bank’s introduction, I am a legendary supermodel. (I’m really glad she says it, so I don’t have to.) Five hundred covers later, I’d like to add that I was a supermodel when your mom was your age. Dexter wants me to tell you I’m also a really good mom.

    Now, for Dexter ... (read the whole column)